• What is ColorZen?

    ColorZen is an innovative new technology that pretreats cotton fiber, making the dyeing process significantly more efficient and sustainable, transforming the way cotton is dyed. With ColorZen, enormous amounts of water and energy can be saved during dyeing, and cotton no longer has to be treated with harsh chemicals such as salts to force it to accept color.

  • Are there any other benefits of ColorZen cotton?

    In many cases, ColorZen® cotton can deliver better colorfastness than conventional cotton. This is due to the natural attraction of dyes to ColorZen’s treatment.

    As well, cotton treated with ColorZen can be dyed in as little as 1/3 the time of conventional cotton. In other words, manufacturers using this technology can often triple their production capacity without any capital investment.

  • What's the science behind the technology?

    ColorZen technology works by altering the molecular structure of the cotton fiber. Think of conventional cotton and dye like magnets that are both negatively charged, repelling each other with identical polarities. When ColorZen’s treatment is applied to the surface of raw cotton, the technology reverses the charge of the cotton, allowing the dye to quickly and easily bond with it. That’s what allows ColorZen to eliminate the need for the toxic chemicals that otherwise are required in modern dyebaths.

  • How was this technology developed?

    ColorZen technology was developed by a core group of scientists, engineers, chemists, and dye-masters over the course of several years.  Millions of dollars have been invested in research and development to create a technology with the highest quality, consistency, and ability to scale.

  • How will ColorZen deliver its technology to its customers?

    ColorZen has entered into a long-term manufacturing partnership with Jabil, a public company headquartered in Florida. Jabil is known for producing many of the world’s most advanced products, and will help ColorZen deliver its technology with an unparalleled level of quality and speed.

  • Are there any unique design benefits to ColorZen cotton?

    Yes. Because of the unique properties of ColorZen technology, interesting patterns and colors can be developed by mixing ColorZen cotton with conventional cotton into a single yarn. In these blends, fabric dyeing, or even garment dyeing will cause the ColorZen cotton to absorb color while leaving the conventional cotton undyed, thus allowing for endless creative designs in heathers, stripes, and other novelty patterns.

  • Where can I buy garments made with ColorZen? When will they be available in stores?

    ColorZen garments are currently in full-scale production in several regions around the world, and we expect those garments to be available in stores later this year.

    We will share additional information as soon as we can.

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