• ColorZen™ cotton dyes three times faster, with 75% less energy, and 90% less water. Most importantly, it requires no toxic chemicals.
    • Raw Cotton
Raw cotton is grown, harvested, and ginned to remove impurities. The raw fibers are then spun into yarn. A mill knits or weaves the yarn into fabric and that fabric enters the dyeing process.
    • ColorZen Treatment
Raw cotton is sent to our ColorZen™ facility where the fiber is treated with ColorZen™ technology to make it vastly more receptive to the dyeing process.
    • Dye
As usual, dye colors are introduced to the cotton fabric. But because the cotton has been treated with the ColorZen™ process, half the amount of dye stuff and no salt and alkali are required.
    • Water
Now dye houses won’t use nearly as much water and that water won’t be polluted. With ColorZen™ dyeing the dye bath is only filled twice, compared to six or more times with conventional dyeing.
    • ColorZen dyed garment
Garments made with ColorZen™ cotton have richer colors that will bleed less in the wash and last longer.