Reducing the environmental and human impact of the cotton dyeing industry is the heart of ColorZen LLC’s mission. This is accomplished through ColorZen’s™ development of sustainable and innovative technologies. Central to our commitment to sustainability is our belief in The Power of Less™ – less water consumption, less energy use and less chemical discharge. ColorZen™ infuses sustainability into our technology and all aspects of our business operations.

We demonstrate our commitment to running a sustainable business in ten principle ways:

Conduct business according to The Power of Less™, and infuse sustainable practices into every facet of our business operations.

Engage our stakeholders around the impact of the dyeing industry on both people and the planet, encouraging them to become part of the solution.

Share knowledge and educate stakeholders on solutions that will change the impact the textile industry has on the environment and on people throughout the world.

Defend our international waterways through working with NGO’s, non-profit organizations, communities, governments and businesses to raise awareness about the problem (what is the problem?) and present viable solutions.

Advance the energy efficiency of our ColorZen™ manufacturing facility through the use of alternative energy and energy saving practices; work with ColorZen™ customers to implement energy saving practices into their operations.

Operate our ColorZen™ manufacturing facility with zero discharge, and recycle its effluent, while safely disposing of solid waste from the process.

Embrace the ten principles of the UN Global Compact international standard on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Reinforce ColorZen’s™ brand integrity and commitment to sustainability through third-party industry certifications.

Evaluate and report on ColorZen’s™ inputs, outputs and their potential environmental impacts throughout ColorZen’s™ product life cycle. Verify data through third party audit and certification.

Report transparently on ColorZen’s™ sustainability progress through our annual corporate sustainability report and quarterly updates.