• ColorZen™ cotton dyes with less and offers more vibrant colors
that last longer.
    • chemicals
Because ColorZen™ cotton is so receptive to dye, chemicals that used to perform this task are not needed. ColorZen™ water is clean, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable.
    • energy
With ColorZen™ technology the textile industry can save 75% of its energy and immediately affect its carbon footprint.
    • dye
With ColorZen™ fiber less dye is needed and less is wasted.
    • time
The average ColorZen™ dye cycle is less than 3 hours compared with a conventional cycle of 8-10 hours. This means dye houses will be able to increase their production output by at least two and a half times.
    • water
Large amounts of water are no longer needed for the dyeing process.