• There is a growing water crisis in the world. Water pollution from cotton dyeing intensifies this, especially in the small towns and villages where water is a rare and valuable commodity.
    • color agents
Any leftover dye ends up coloring the waterway in which it is dumped.
    • salt
The enormous amount of salt waste from dye baths, if not removed, kills off marine life.
    • alkali
Alkali from the dye bath throws off the pH balance of water creating an environment where life can no longer exist.
    • bleach
Bleach used to whiten and clean fabrics if released into bodies of water changes the oxygen balance. This is very harmful to living creatures.
    • acids
Acids are used to counter the harmful effects of the alkali in the dyeing process. Excessive amounts of acids, if not neutralized, cause a low pH, which is detrimental to aquatic life.
    • soaps
Soap is used to scour and clean the cotton. This is very harmful when discharged into the environment.