Our Company

As a result of a happenstance encounter between a textile chemist in North Carolina and a New York City entrepreneur, ColorZen was born.

From there, a talented team of world-class engineers, dye-masters, apparel experts, and sustainability leaders were assembled, taking this game-changing technology from the lab in 2012 to state-of-the-art North Carolina factory in 2017.


Our Model

ColorZen® technology is innovative, yet simple. We apply a patented and safe wet treatment to bales of raw cotton fiber. This happens early on in the supply chain between the cotton field and the spinner, allowing for deep and consistent application of our technology. Additionally, this provides supply chain flexibility, giving ColorZen the ability to ship treated fiber to any manufacturer around the world.



World-Class Manufacturing Partner

Jabil (NYSE: JBL) is ColorZen’s global manufacturing partner. Jabil is known for producing many of the world’s most advanced products for companies such as Apple, Cisco Systems, GoPro, Hewlett-Packard, Ingenico, Valeo, and Zebra Technologies.  Jabil built and operates ColorZen’s manufacturing facility in the United States. This powerful partnership provides ColorZen the unique ability to scale quickly to meet its growing demand while delivering exceptional quality. Click here to learn more about Jabil.



ColorZen’s pretreatment of raw cotton moves the fashion industry toward a more sustainable future. Its treated cotton is also completely safe, even for babies. Click here to see our Oeko-tex 100 certificate.