Michael Harari

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Harari is a founding partner and CEO of ColorZen, a revolutionary technology for the cotton dyeing industry. Prior to establishing ColorZen, he spent nine years in real estate, first as a commercial real estate broker, and later as an investor.

In 2012, armed with a renewed sense of purpose following a life-threatening rock-climbing accident, Michael was introduced to ColorZen inventor Tony Leonard. Upon researching the cotton dyeing process, Michael was appalled by what he learned, but also thrilled by the potential ColorZen technology had to make a real difference in the industry and in the world. Immediately thereafter, Michael decided to venture into the textile industry, taking the lead role in overseeing the development of ColorZen’s groundbreaking technology.

Michael graduated summa cum laude from Brooklyn College in 2008, with a degree in marketing and management. As well, he attended NYU from 2007-2009 for advanced real estate and finance courses. He is active in his community and a board member of the JCC of Greater Coney Island.

Michael is a proud husband, and father to two lovely children. He enjoys the arts, plays multiple instruments, and has performed solo classical piano pieces in front of large audiences in venues such as the Count-Bassie theatre in Red Bank, NJ.